Carlauren Coins
Carlauren Coins
A unique currency for a unique concept
Carlauren Coins were conceived to provide a simple token-based mechanism to book and pay for resort rooms. The founder and team at Carlauren Group believe that block-chain technology will revolutionise how the world will transact and exchange and are therefore launching the block-chain based Carlauren Coin to give Carlauren Members the opportunity to purchase tokens; whilst providing a secure means for Members to transact with Carlauren Resorts.

Carlauren Exchange provides a secure platform from which anyone can acquire Carlauren Coins. Carlauren securely facilitates the exchange and ensures buyers receive their coin into a secure digital wallet and sellers receive payment.

Every individual who wishes to buy, sell or otherwise acquire Carlauren Coins must become a registered account holder with Carlauren Exchange.

The coin exchange exists to provide a secure platform from which Carlauren Coins can be bought and sold...


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